Consejos para viajar en camper

Basic tips for traveling by van

Have you ever considered taking a trip in a camper van? Can you imagine discovering the south of France driving one of these vehicles? Or maybe you are considering heading to the old Normandy? Do not wait more! From Campo Base Camper we are going to offer you some basic tips for traveling by van so that you can enjoy the experience 100%.

Plan your trip

Whether your goal is to reach a specific destination and get to know its surroundings, or if your purpose is to make a trip with different stops, at Campo Base Camper we recommend that you plan the route you are going to take in advance.

It is important that you adapt the kilometers you are going to cover to the days of the trip. We consider that traveling between 100 and 200 kilometers a day is optimal to ensure that it is not excessively heavy.

Consejos para viajar en camper

Likewise, we advise you to plan in advance the route that you are going to do day by day. It will be of great help to you to have previously investigated the places you are going to visit… the areas where you can stop to eat… and, above all, the places where you can spend the night with your camper.

Of course you can stop wherever you want! In fact, this is one of the great attractions of traveling by van. And it is that, the freedom of being able to stop along the way to contemplate that field of sunflowers or lose yourself in the streets of a beautiful town that we did not plan to visit, are part of the essence of this style of travel.


Try to find a place to sleep with the camper before it gets dark. This will make it easier for you to enjoy charming sunsets and sunrises in attractive corners!

Organize your luggage

When preparing your luggage, you must bear in mind that, although you are going to travel in spacious campers, these vehicles have a limited capacity. Therefore, the ideal is not to carry extra things that take up more space, so try to reduce your luggage as much as possible.

  • Choose the necessary clothing and accessories according to the areas you are going to visit and try to avoid the famous “just in case…”
  • Prepare a toiletry bag for personal hygiene and a first aid kit with essential materials and medicines
  • Don’t forget to take a board game (especially if you are traveling with children) and a good book

Do not be afraid to travel carrying only what is necessary, nowadays it will be easy for you to find pharmacies, food stores, laundries, gas stations, etc…

Consejos para viajar en camper


Remember that maintaining order inside the camper will help make everything easier.

Now you are ready to prepare your vacation! If you need it, you can see our selection of the best Apps to plan your Road trip.

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