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Campo Base Camper

Campo Base Camper is a young and dynamic company that has had the opportunity to live, feel and share unforgettable moments and experiences that have marked our lives.

Now, we feel the need to give the world the opportunity to discover this way of traveling and sharing our lifestyle, so that you can describe and draw your own stories.

To do this, we want to offer you camperized vans adapted to your needs, providing you with all our knowledge and experience in the sector. Our interest is to guarantee a quality service, ensuring our maximum commitment and respect towards our clients.

If you enjoy traveling, at Camp Base Camper we want to accompany you!

Our Campers


  • Recurso 1Calefaccion

  • Recurso 6nevera

  • Recurso 5cocina definitiva

  • Recurso 1menaje bueno

  • Recurso 1cama
    4+1 bed

Perfect for the more adventurous! Whether you like to surf, or if you are one of those who seek sunsets between mountains…


  • Recurso 1Calefaccion

  • Recurso 1422
    230V socket

  • Recurso 1cama
    4 bed

  • Recurso 1inod

  • Recurso 2ducha caliente
    Hot water

Would you like to choose where to wake up tomorrow? Do you want to relive unforgettable experiences? Improvise your adventure…

Why Campo Base Camper?

Because we are close, hard-working and professional people who will be with you whenever you need it, trying to provide a quick solution to your current needs and concerns.

  • Recurso 8luna
    Rate per night

  • Recurso 1carrtera
    Unlimited km

  • Recurso 1casa
    Home delivery

  • Recurso 1avion
    Airport delivery

  • Recurso 1carretera
    Customer service en route

What do our customers say?

We rented the van for a week. The impeccable van and the unbeatable treatment. Looking forward to repeat!!
Laura Cornejo Silva

Routes, tips, curiosities...

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